A member of the Parliament of Georgia and Head of Georgia’s Green Party, Giorgi Gachechiladze, discussed the problems facing the Abastumani resort. As stated by the MP, Abastumani is the most abandoned resort in Georgia where sewage systems are in a state of ruin, the clean water system does not function and natural gas is not supplied.


took interest in the accuracy of the MP’s statement.

According to the information received from the Adigeni Municipality, both the sewage and the clean water systems are not working in Daba Abastumani. Further, neither the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia nor any LEPL under this Ministry has undertaken rehabilitation work on the Abastumani sewage system in the recent past.  The sewage system both in Abastumani and on the territory of the Tuberculosis Medical Centre is completely damaged and the respective repair work has not yet started even though the central government is well aware of the problems on the ground.

The supply of clean water for Abastumani is also a problematic issue. Even though Abastumani has a clean water supply, both the water source construction and part of the internal supply network are completely out of order and in dire need of rehabilitation. Abastumani is also without a gasification network. However, of note is that rehabilitation work in Abastumani is scheduled to take place according to the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Nodar Javakhishvili, although the exact date for the start is unknown.


Both the sewage and clean water systems in Abastumani are not working. Even though the local and central governments are well aware of the problems in Abastumani, no rehabilitation work in any of the aforementioned problematic areas has been undertaken. The MP is correct in regard to the situation of the natural gas supply as well. The gasification process in Abastumani has not yet started.

Therefore, Giorgi Gachechiladze’s statement is TRUE.