A piece of disinformation aimed at discrediting the flu vaccine is being promoted in social networks. In particular, it says: “Probably everyone noticed the much flaunted propaganda for the flu virus both on TV channels and in social networks. Most likely, this is because the so-called coronavirus vaccines, which as you are well aware are poisonous and causes a slow death for mankind because they cause cardiovascular diseases, were added to the flu vaccine and with these vaccines, they plan to reduce the world’s population.”

The claim that the COVID-19 vaccines were added to the flu vaccines is absolutely groundless and absurd.

Disinformation that COVID-19 vaccines are intended to reduce the number of the population was promoted multiple times during the pandemic. This claim is fake news (see FactCheck’s article). In reality, COVID-19 vaccines significantly reduce the risks of complication and death if infected by the coronavirus, something which has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies and immunisation results.

In fact, vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of medicine. Vaccines protect millions of people from being infected with severe infectious diseases (polio, measles, mumps, rubella, whooping-cough, tetanus, chicken-pox, diphtheria, rabies, hepatitis B, flu, etc.), further complications and lethal outcomes. Vaccine safety is of critical importance and immunisation programmes are carried out with the utmost of caution. Prior to their approval, vaccines undergo several phases of large-scale and detailed verification based on which their safety and efficacy are determined. After the introduction of the vaccine, national health authorities and the World Health Organization constantly monitor any side effect of the vaccine.

What is the flu virus and why we should get vaccinated

The seasonal flu is a severe infectious disease caused by the influenza A and B viruses. They damage the respiratory system (nose, throat, lungs). Influenza is characterised with both mild and severe forms and in some cases might lead to a lethal outcome. The seasonal flu circulates every year which precipitates flu infections among people. The virus is airborne and transmitted from human to human by coughing, sneezing or touching a surface contaminated with the virus.

Influenza may lead to dangerous health complications, particularly for high-risk groups. Complications of influenza are as follows: bacterial pneumonia, ear infections, sinusitis, dehydration, complications of pre-existing health conditions (such as heart disease, asthmas or diabetes).

People over the age of 65, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women and children below the age of five years are in high-risk groups for flu complications, hospitalisation and lethality.

Annual vaccination against influenza is the most effective and safe methods to safeguard from the disease. Flu vaccine reduces the risks of infection and serious complications which may lead to hospitalisation or even death.

Similar to any medical products, vaccine may spark some side effects. Usually, side effects of flu vaccines are mild and disappear in a few days. Some of the side effects of the flu vaccine are as follows: pain and redness at the injection site, fever, head or/and muscle pain, vomiting, general weakness.

It is proven that the flu vaccine is one of the safest medical products. Over the course of the last 50 years, hundreds of millions of people across the world, including the United States, were vaccinated without complications.

FactCheck would like to remind readers that as part of immunisation programmes, every vaccine administered in Georgia was developed in line with international standards and was adopted and recognised by the World Health Organization as well as other international regulatory bodies.


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