Another piece of disinformation is being promoted in social networks about the coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccines. In particular, the author of one publication claims that the spread of a new COVID strain in China and the USA was caused by the vaccines. In addition, the publication equates the coronavirus with influenza.

Claim: The coronavirus is a common influenza.

Verdict: FAKE NEWS

Since the emergence of the novel coronavirus, it was promptly and erroneously equated with the seasonal flu. Both the coronavirus and the flu cause respiratory illnesses and, therefore, they have similar symptoms. However, despite the similarity of symptoms, they cannot be equated with each other because they are two different viruses. COVID-19 is an infection caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Therefore, the claim that the coronavirus is the same as influenza is false.

FactCheck has written on this topic previously (see link 1 and link 2).

Claim: One hundred percent of infected people in China and 98% in the USA were vaccinated three times and more with COVID-19 vaccines and they were supposed to have a strong immunity. However, the opposite has happened because all COVID-19 vaccines are sleeping viruses since they are made from live virus protein DNA. They were artificially injected in the bodies of healthy individuals and this virus then wakes up en masse among vaccinated people after some time.

Verdict: FAKE NEWS

First, it should be clarified that the pandemic has not yet ended. SARS-CoV-2 virus mutates over times and new variants emerge. The deterioration of the epidemiological situation in China was caused by the lifting of regulations. There is a rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the USA as well which is precipitated by the emergence of the new sub-variant of Omicron – XBB. 1.5. According to current reports, XBB. 1.5 is more highly contagious as compared to previous variants.

Therefore, the increased number of infections are linked with the lifting of COVID-regulations and the emergence of the new sub-variant. At the same time, the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, similar to other vaccines (such as the flu vaccine), declines in time and it is necessary to administer booster doses.

The author of the publication makes emphasis on the fact that vaccinated people can still get infected. Although the COVID-19 vaccine protection rate is relatively lower against the new sub-variants, the existing vaccines still provide strong protection against death, serious complications and hospitalisation in the case of all COVID sub-variants which was confirmed by immunisation results. In addition, as mentioned earlier, vaccine efficacy declines after some time and boosters are needed. Therefore, the claim that vaccines offer no protection is false (see FactCheck’s article on this topic).

The publication also includes the absurd claim that the virus was ostensibly incubated in human bodies through the COVID-19 vaccines. In fact, the COVID-19 vaccines do not contain the live virus which may cause infection. The “DNA vaccines,” to which the author of the publication refers, do not exist. In regard to mRNA vaccines, they transmit information to the human body on how to produce the spike protein which is similar to the COVID-19 virus. After vaccination when certain amount of spike proteins has been generated, the human body produces antibodies to neutralise them. Consequently, a person gets immunity against the COVID-19 virus. These vaccines do not contain weakened or dead fragments of COVID-19 (for more details on how vaccines work, see here).

Therefore, the claim that COVID vaccines do not protect us but instead they are dormant viruses and infect vaccinated people is FAKE NEWS.


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