In his speech in the Parliament of Georgia, the Speaker of the Parliament, Irakli Kobakhidze, underscored the Government of Georgia’s successes in the energy field. He stated: "The total installed capacity of all the hydroelectric power plants built in 2007-2012 is eight megawatts whilst in 2013-2016, this figure is 415 megawatts."

According to the information

of the Ministry of Energy of Georgia, five hydroelectric power plants were put into service in 2007-2012. The total capacity of these five HPPs is 11 megawatts.

Table 1:

 Names and Capacities of HPPs Launched in 2007-2012

Names Installed Capacity Mgwt Launch Date
Boldoda HPP 2 2007
Sakeni HPP 1.4 2008
Okami HPP 1.6 2009
Mini HPP Khadori 1 0.65 2010
Khadori HPP 2 5.4 2012
Total 11.05

In 2013-2016, 20 HPPs were launched with a 548 mgwt total capacity. However, of note is the fact that part of the HPPs which became functional after 2012 were initiated by the previous government.

FactCheck took a look at Georgia’s largest HPPs. The Larsi HPP capacity is 19 mgwt and its construction started in 2011. The construction of the Bakhvi HPP-3, with a 10 mgwt capacity, also started in 2011. The construction of the Aragvi HPP, with an eight mgwt capacity, started in February 2012. One of the biggest hydroelectric power plants – the Paravan HPP with a capacity of 86.5 mgwt, was put into service in 2014 although its construction started in 2011. The construction of the Dariali HPP

started in 2012 and it became functional in 2016. The capacity of the Dariali HPP is 108 mgwt.

Table 2:

 Names and Capacities of HPPs Launched in 2013-2016

Name Installed Capacity Mgwt Launch Date
Larsi HPP 19 2013
Dagva HPP 0.1 2013
Shilda HPP 5 2013
Bakhvi HPP-3 10 2013
Aragvi HPP 8.5 2013
Alazani HPP 2 6 2013
Paravani HPP 86.5 2014
Akhmeta HPP 9.1 2014
Kazreti HPP 2.5 2014
Kazbegi HPP 6 2014
Racha HPP 11 2015
Gardabani CCPP 231.2 2015
Pshavela HPP 1.95 2015
Debda HPP 3 2015
Tkibuli CCPP 13.2 2016
Kartli WPP 20.7 2016
Dariali HPP 108 2016
Shakshaketi HPP 1.5 2016
Saguramo HPP 4.4 2016
Maksania HPP 0.5 2016
Total 548.15  


Five hydroelectric power plants were put into service in 2007-2012 with a total installed capacity of 11 mgwt. In 2013-2016, 20 power plants were launched with a total installed capacity of 548 mgwt.

The total installed capacity of the power plants launched in 2013-2016 is much higher as compared to the figure named by Irakli Kobakhidze and Georgia did indeed have a significant growth in this regard as compared to 2007-2012. However, the Speaker of the Parliament neglects the fact that the construction of some of the power plants (At least five, with capacity of 231.5 MW, that begun operating in the period of "Georgian Dream" government) started under the previous government and gives credit only to his government for the aforementioned results.

FactCheck concludes that Irakli Kobakhidze’s statement is MOSTLY TRUE.


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